Undergraduate Students

The Kennedy-King Memorial Scholarship Fund each spring awards a number of two-year scholarships of $5,000 per year to students who transfer in the fall or spring following the award from Contra Costa County community colleges to junior standing in four-year accredited institutions.


  1. Belong to a minority group under-represented in the California College and University system, principally African-Americans; Americans (North, Central, or South) derived from Spanish speaking cultures; Native Americans; and Pacific Islanders.
  2. Be enrolled for the fall semester prior to the award (or have completed your course work within the past year) at Diablo Valley, Contra Costa, or Los Medanos Colleges. Applicants may not be currently enrolled nor intend to enroll before next June in a four-year college or university.
  3. Be eligible (have sufficient and proper units) to transfer to a four-year institution with junior standing for the next fall term (or at the latest the next spring term) following the award.
  4. Provide evidence of financial need.
  5. Complete and submit on time the application with required attachments. If selected for interview, you MUST attend the Saturday morning Selection Committee interviews in the spring.

To complete Kennedy-King scholarship applications, eligible students in the three Contra Costa Community Colleges will need to download the following four documents:

  1. Letter & Instructions: The letter from the Selection Committee sets forth the qualifications students must meet to be eligible to apply for a Kennedy-King scholarship. The instructions provide the information needed to complete the application.
  2. Application: This is the application students must complete.
  3. Counselor’s Verification: The student’s community college counselor must complete this verification of the student’s readiness to transfer to a four-year college with junior standing.
  4. Personal Reference Form: This form will be used by the student’s three references to express their views on the suitability of the student for a Kennedy-King scholarship. (You will need three of these).