Shanda Williams

Ralph Griffin Scholar (2013) A Liberal-arts major at Contra Costa College, Ms. Williams will transfer to Samuel Merritt University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing and subsequently pursue a post baccalaureate degree to become a physician’s assistant. Her professor […]

Gabriela Urias

Perfecto Villarreal Scholar (2013) The first in her family to attend college, Ms. Urias attends Contra Costa College, maintains a 3.6 GPA, and studies nutritional science with the intention to aid youth in preventing malnutrition and disease caused by unhealthy […]

Marilyn Tims

George Miller Scholar (2013) Marilyn Tims had an acutely traumatic childhood culminating in motherhood at a young age. She has a 3.7 GPA at Contra Costa College and is a very active leader and speaker promoting mental health and substance […]

Sandra Ramirez

Miller Starr Regalia Scholar (2013) A first generation college student, Ms. Ramirez is described as a “campus leader,” and has been active at Contra Costa College in La Raza Student Union, Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, and the Puente Project. […]

Yvette Norman

Gagen McCoy Scholar (2013) Yvette Norman is a re-entry student, having spent 18 years in paraprofessional education positions in San Francisco. She attends Contra Costa College, is a full-time employee and single mother of a 10-year-old boy who has a […]

Xiomara Mendoza

Wells Fargo Bank Scholar (2013) Ms. Mendoza attended Middle College High School while taking courses at Contra Costa College. She and her parents have faced very stressful economic and health issues. But her studies have continued as well as her […]

Jasmine Lomax

Phillips 66 Scholar (2013) Having overcome significant learning disabilities with the help of her foster/adoption mother, Ms. Lomax holds a 3.6 GPA and life membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society. This Diablo Valley College student volunteers by installing solar […]

Apollonia Jordan

GenOn Scholar (2013) Raised in violence-plagued communities to young parents suffering from various addictions, Ms. Jordan emancipated herself from foster care and accessed life-skills and job readiness courses for foster youth until funding was cut. She endured homelessness, unemployment and […]

Aaron Hudson

Lesher Foundation Scholar (2013) Mr. Hudson, one of 14 children, is a first-generation college student who has worked full time to pay his academic expenses and his parents’ medical expenses. He is a history major at Diablo Valley College with […]

Malena Herrera

Merle & Bonnie Hall Scholar (2013) After experiencing the loss of their family home for 10 years to foreclosure, Ms. Herrera promised her parents that she would excel academically and get a degree in order to have security in her […]

Rachelle Hampton

Federal Glover Scholar (2013) The youngest of seven children and the mother of two, Ms. Hampton is majoring in allied health, life science and natural sciences and maintains a 3.6 GPA. She plans to pursue nursing at Samuel Merritt University […]

Rebecca Gutierrez

Ron & Diane de Golia Scholar (2013) Bilingual, bicultural, biliterate, and a first-generation college student, Ms. Gutierrez holds a 3.7 GPA at Contra Costa College, and is active in La Raza and Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society. She works evenings […]

Brandon Evans

Ed & Gwen Regalia Scholar (2013) Mr. Evans grew up in Richmond amid violence, drugs and poverty under the guidance of his mother and grandmother, who ran day care centers. He graduated from high school without orientation or direction but […]

Daija Cornelious

Harriet Garelis Scholar (2013) Ms. Cornelious is a survivor, having dealt with childhood hardships and a 2009 diagnosis of Keratococus, a disease causing deterioration in the cornea and loss of sight. Undaunted, she is completing her communications/sociology studies at Diablo […]

Erick Chivichon

John and Sunne McPeak Scholar (2013) At age 13, Erick left his parents in search of a better life and more suitable environment. By high school he had moved over 15 times, living with various friends and family members. He […]

Shanette Byrd

Juanita Orr Scholar (2013) Ms. Byrd has exceeded academically no matter the obstacles in her way. She is an ambitious student who strives to attain academic achievement. She is reaching her goals at a new height everyday by being a […]

Brandy Wilson

Undergraduate Scholar (2012) Ms. Wilson attends CCC, where she is majoring in criminal justice, a subject she hopes to pursue this fall at Cal State Easy Bay.  After that, she intends to attend a police academy to become a police […]

Robert Sanchez

George Miller Scholar (2012) Mr. Sanchez, a single father, grew up in Oakland and witnessed many friends succumb to drugs and violence.  After losing his job of eight years at NUMMI, he enrolled in CCC where he maintains a 4.0 […]

April Romero

Lesher Foundation Scholar (2012) Married and the mother of three, April Romero has faced many obstacles in her life. Yet, she is described as “invariably optimistic and perpetually involved” in numerous school and civic projects to assist children and students […]

Paul Rhone

Ralph Griffin Scholar (2012) Mr. Rhone has spoken to many Sickle Cell support groups at hospital seminars, discussing pain management of his disease and the struggles he has overcome.  His purpose is to reach individuals with health issues who feel […]

Kabria Pervoe

Undergraduate Scholar (2012) Ms. Pervoe had a very difficult and abusive childhood in a single-parent family.  Through it all, she has persevered, and her journey has made her stronger.  She is a full-time student at DVC majoring in psychology, taking […]

Marta Pastore

Barclay and Sharon Simpson Scholar (2012) Marta Pastore attends both Middle College High School and Contra Costa College.  She will graduate from high school with honors and from CCC with an associate degree this spring.  She will pursue a major […]

Gerardo Pacheco-Montalvo

Ron and Diane de Golia Scholar (2012) Mr. Pacheco-Mantalvo is a necessity-driven hard working and innovative entrepreneur, carpenter, tax consultant, and member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  A tae kwon do champion and instructor, he volunteers for Habitat for […]

Jose Martinez

Ed and Gwen Regalia Scholar (2012) A biology major, Mr. Martinez attends DVC and aspires to become a medical doctor.  He learned his hard work ethic while assisting his father in landscaping, painting and masonry work.  He is described as […]

Guadalupe Martinez

Undergraduate Scholar (2012) One of Ms. Martinez’s professors describes her as an “extremely hard-working student who strives to be the first in her family to graduate from college, works 30 hours per week, never missed a class or assignment and […]