Deminika Spears

Frank & Kathy Gouveia Scholar III (2015, 2017)
2015 in memory of Barbara Sardella

As a single mother of three children, Deminika recently assumed legal custody of her younger brother after her Mother passed away from cancer.  Throughout these challenges Deminika continued her education through Los Medanos College to Mills College, where she graduated with a BS in Biology.  She now attends Mills College where she is pursuing a Master’s degree and ultimately a doctorate in Educational Leadership.  She is active with the Berkeley Alliance Committee to bridge the gap for children of color in receiving equal opportunity in education.  Deminika aspires to be an administrator of an educational program for “at risk” youth and families. 


2008 Bio

Ms. Spears is very determined, hard working and energetic. She is a member of the AGS Honors Program at Los Medanos College where she is studying biology in preparation for a career as an obstetrician. She is an active volunteer and leader in her son’s Head Start program and the YMCA. She has also assumed a leadership role in her family while her mother recovers from breast cancer treatments. Deminika will be pursuing her studies at either Mills College or UC Davis.